Taking Care of your Handbags‼️

Taking Care of your Handbags‼️

Careful how you handle those bags!😲

Hey Divas👋🏾 Often times we forget the value that our luxury handbags have and how we treat them. You know how easy it is for us to drop our bags on the floor, countertops, hit/scrape against hard surfaces...and throw just about anything inside!! Topless ink pens, baby sippie cups, makeup etc...which all of the above tend to leave residue or visible signs of wear.

When we handle our bags with care, we are preserving the lifetime of the luxury material and craftsmanship of the handbags. Most signs of wear are normally shown on bottom corners and handles/straps. Lotions and perfumes can also darken and cause discoloration. Some fixes are easier than others. I added a picture of a before & after shot of corners on a Louis Vuitton bag that I restored.

Remember, when shopping with Sheree & Co. Designer Consignment, you are purchasing an investment piece. If you decide to sell it in the future, you can get a great ROI(return on investment)😉

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