Why Shopping Preloved Luxury On A Budget Is The New “It” Thing

Why Shopping Preloved Luxury On A Budget Is The New “It” Thing

Let’s be honest. The moment the landscape turns into a red and orange galore, we can’t help but allow this year’s future fashion purchases to live rent-free in our heads. Granted, trends and microtrends are always in constant rotation. However, when it comes to luxury fashion stalwarts, handbags, and accessories always reign supreme, unbothered by the seasons that pass by.


Shopping for luxury on a budget comes with a few heartwarming cliches: the thrill of hunting down the most splurge-worthy designer items, the utter excitement of unwrapping your newly-purchased luxury handbag, and an ever-growing lust for the most noteworthy deals. Especially now that the holiday season is almost upon us, we are one step closer to the most celebrated gift-giving months of the year — so we might as well get the most out of it. Shop, sell, repeat!


Preloved luxury shopping online: Here’s why you need to do it ASAP


Here’s a rather disheartening fact. Our most beloved luxury houses like Rolex, Dior, Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton have already raised their prices — some by almost 15 percent, we are looking at you C. Now on to the great news, the shopping preloved luxury has helped the consignment industry to grow 2 times faster than the retail market over the past three years. Additionally, it is estimated that the secondhand market is projected to double in the next five years to $77 billion — sounds awesome, right?


So, what do all these stats mean for fashion connoisseurs like you who want to get their hands on the latest designer accessories and luxury handbags on a budget? Now is the quintessential time to shop pre-loved fashion gems for even half of their original price (that keeps increasing, btw). While a mini Dior Saddle Bag can retail for around $2,350, pre-loved Dior handbags carry a price tag of around $795.00 — which is a steal!


The only downside is that used luxury handbags and jewelry fly off the virtual shelves extremely fast. Our newly added YSL beige color bag, for example, that sold immediately due to the gorgeous color — so you might want to act fast.


Don’t fret. There is no shortage of options, and we are making our best to add even more coveted designer goodies to our catalog. Oh, and don’t forget that buying pre-loved actively helps the environment. It’s a win-win situation.



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